Are you feeling old before your time? This is a problem experienced by many people around the world. You may feel drained and tired during the day, or you may not be as physically fit as you should be. The causes for feeling this way are many and varied. It can be due to stress, negative thoughts, living an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Whatever the reason, if you are feeling older than you are, it is generally a sign of deteriorating health.

Maureen Boddy is an expert in Pilates and the creator of the concept known as "Youthing". She has developed a range of products that aids in the process of Youthing, and through the use of the products and the practice of Youthing, she will help you regain your youthful spirit, look younger and live a healthy lifestyle.

Maureen is a qualified Pilates instructor in Durbanville. During her experience in many years of instructing, she realised there are certain areas of concern common to almost everyone, especially women.

This led her further her studies, and Maureen developed her own form of Pilates called Youthing Boddy Pilates, which combines the principles of Pilates, Isometrics and Dynamic tension (ID) to create a practice that involves delivering a muscle workout without the use of weights by flexing muscles against each other.

With Maureen’s help, you too can learn to bring together Pilates and Youthing to create a combination that will help you find the answer to the question “How to look younger?”


“Just as faithfulness is the key to the best relationship, happiness and contentment is the key to true wealth. The key to health and longevity is a gift we can give to ourselves.” - Maureen Boddy